Mobile Stash : Oregon’s Next Generation of Low Cost Shipping Container Ground Moving.

Our container transport system is designed for simple and easy, low cost shipping-container ground-to-ground pickup, transport, and relocate for a new delivery.  Have your shipping containers on the ground makes it easy to make your yard into storage,  put your excess inventory  in to your parking lot safely and of course, it well known for construction sites to have an office, storage of material and or tool shed, many have all three.

Mobile Stash efficient low cost system allows any size, off site modular and container, to be picked  up off the ground without the use of a forklift or crane using the trucks specialized hydraulic lift.

It works well in narrow places.

Being designed to pick up containers from the ground,  it is far more effective, thus this is simply a much more environmentally sound solution and low cost to boot!

Mobile Stash only requires as little as 20 feet of room in front of the container to place the container on the ground, unlike traditional tractor trailer methods that require 120 feet of room to place the container on the ground.  Our delivery system allows us to handle any size container with ease.  Preventing us from having to return to the depot get a different piece of equipment like a forklift to transport a different size container.

we can help you move our container based cafes, offices, kitchens, bars and retail stores

If you’re between jobs and you own your own container and or on a long term lease,  we also have a yard, where you can store your container.

This allows you to buy your own container and not worry about a place to to ever store it.

We are a proud unit of Storage