Mobile Ground Container Moving Made Easier 


I wanted to talk to you today about a charming little company opening its doors soon in Salem, Oregon called Mobile Stash, because of its core purpose of moving storage/shipping containers, for mobile storage purposes. Although this is their primary service, they can handle a wide variety of ground containers, and other moving services.

Their trucks are specially designed to reduce manpower, and increase efficiency, and simplicity for a truly easy and low cost pickup and delivery service for ground to ground container transfer. They can even store any containers for you in their 7.5 acre storage facility.

That provides a safe and secure place to store excess inventory, material or tool storage, or even mobile offices built into containers!

Mobile Stash is designed around a low cost moving system that allows just about any size of modular container to be picked up off the ground, without the use of a forklift or crane. It instead uses a highly specialized hydraulic lift system that can be run by a one man team. It even works well in narrow places that cranes and forklifts would have a hard time getting into.

How not to move a shipping container:

Being designed the way that it is, the whole moving system is more efficient in more than just a time/cost way. Being a smaller, and more efficient system, it utilizes a smaller and more efficient engine system, that saves on fuel costs, a savings passed on to the customer, and it reduces carbon emissions that pollute the environment. This is in addition to having recycled/refurbished containers that save you money, and save a huge load on the environment.

One of the best parts is that Mobile Stashes unique system only requires as little as 20 feet in front of the container to place it, unlike tractor/trailer systems that can require as much as 120 feet to safely turn around and get out of there. This allows more units to be placed while simultaneously taking up less space.

The right (and easy ) way to move ground shipping containers.

The Oregon’s Next Generation Ground Shipping Container Moving is Coming.

The only thing that limits what type of containers they can move for you is your imagination. This includes container based cafe’s, offices, kitchens, bars, and even popup retail stores. We have even heard interest in moving full mobile restaurants like you see at fairs and events. The best part is that if you are in between jobs or on a long term lease, they have that storage yard, so you do not have to worry about a place to keep it.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and watch out for the grand opening of Salem, Oregon’s first Mobile Stash – or just head on over to to see the latest updates!!!