Mobile Stash – We Move Shipping Containers

Whenever you have a trade agreement with another country there are alway trade-offs. Some are good, and some are bad, and some could go either way depending on what you do with them. Being on the west coast and not far from an international port, a Lot of the merchandise that comes into the United States is brought right into Portland, packed in heavy duty steel shipping containers.

Because of the high cost of shipping these containers, it has become more economically feasible to sell them off, instead of shipping them back, and this has created an interesting dilemma here in the northwest, what the heck do we do with all of these containers.

Well, like with many things, there are a wide variety of uses for used shipping containers, and you can find just about any idea, and how to do it on sites like youtube, where people can share projects and ideas, and how to guides for recycling/reusing shipping containers for non shipping purposes.

  There are a wide variety of different options available, everything from swimming pools, to storage containers, to tiny houses. If you can dream it up, someone probably made a youtube video on how to do it. The best part of which is that because we are reusing already mined steel containers, that need limited amounts of work to retrofit, instead of being wasted, or sitting around piling up and contaminating the environment, we are literally recycling them.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are emphatic when it comes to protecting our environment and making a better world for future generations to enjoy what we ourselves have grown to love. It is very important that we protect what we have, because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

That being said there is one huge problem with the recycling of these containers, one huge environmental cost that just hasn’t been addressed properly, and that is the environmental and monetary cost of actually moving these containers. Most traditional systems use a truck and trailer system, with a large crane, or overpowered forklift to move and place containers. (The forklift has to be brought along too and additional cost in fuel and environmental damage.)

Thats a big part of why mobile stash has come along. Building off of the success that storage oregon, based in Salem oregon, has had in retrofitting containers for storage purposes, Mobile stash, an affiliated company, is taking it to the next level.

Not only will they be offering recycled storage containers for storage purposes, but they will soon have the most environmentally sound, and lowest cost moving system available on the market today.

Their system does not use expensive overpowered equipment for shipping or placement. Their all in one moving truck system with a built in hydraulic winch, not only delivers your container using less fuel, and time, but it actually does a better job placing containers than other systems do. Large semi trucks require extensive amounts of space to place containers, and once placed, they cannot move the container onsite, unless they thought to bring a forklift with them. Even so, forklifts can cause additional damage to containers, especially if they have been modified, while the system that mobile stash uses does not.

So whether you are looking to rent a storage unit, buy one for yourself, and have a place to store it, or just get the best price on having one shipped to you, Give our friends at mobile stash a call, and find out how they can help you, all while helping the environment.