Mobile Stash – Lower Cost Storage Container Shipping in Oregon

In today’s world there is always a need for a lower cost option. As companies continue to cut corners, the last thing you want to see when you order ground container moving service pulling up with a 40 foot long over-powered semi truck– plus two guys and a forklift– just to get it up on the back. That’s assuming they don’t need to bring in a crane!

Mobile Stash

Semi trucks are extremely limited in where they can pickup or drop off containers, and when things get even the slightest bit difficult, they have to bring in additional equipment, or they just leave, leaving you in a bind, and sometimes they still charge you for showing up!

That’s why Mobile Stash, in conjunction with their sister company Storage Oregon, have search for and found a better way. A lesser cost way! An environmentally conscious and greener way!

Mobile Stash has contracted to bring in a smaller, hydraulically refitted truck, that is more gas efficient, easier to maneuver into difficult positions, and capable of loading with no additional equipment or personnel. That makes for a lower cost all-around experience for customers, and a far smaller environmental impact.

Shipping containers are a wonderful way to safely store valuable items, or tools and equipment from worksite to worksite, or even while moving. Storage containers can even be used to transport vehicles long distance in a safe and protected way.

Mobile Stash is gearing up for its big launch in the coming months. They are launching based out of Salem, Oregon, but with these prices, the demand is sure to increase.

Stay tuned and head on over to to read up more on this exciting new service. And if you need a place to store your current containers, vehicles, or heavy equipment, you can give their sister company Storage Oregon a ring at (971) 338-4444, or by heading over to today!