Low Costs Ground Container moving – Oregon

The number one thing on everyone’s mind right now is, “how do we make it through these unprecedented times where small businesses are closing doors every day and unemployment levels are rising?” One of the first things many companies are looking at is ways to cut costs, and the best way to cut costs is through innovation.

One company that is pushing the boundaries of innovation for cost cutting purposes is Mobile Stash. Together with their sister company, Storage Oregon they have identified a market that is teeming with inefficiency. Moving Large storage containers ranging between 10 to 40 feet long are plentiful on the west coast, and because of the large supply of surplus containers, they are selling all over for extremely low prices.

Companies such as construction companies use them as onsite storage, and many storage facilities are even retrofitting them into actual storage units. There are so many possibilities, and one of the best parts is that reusing containers in this way is an amazing way to reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling and reusing metals is one of the best things we can do for our environment.

The one thing that all of these uses have in common is that the storage containers have to be moved. Usually this involves an oversized crane loading up in the yard, a semi truck burning way more fuel than necessary, and a forklift and an extra person to drive it and back. Then when it shows up, you are hugely limited in placement options because they literally slide the container right off the back and it lands where it lands, usually requiring a close to perfectly level surface.

Mobile Stash has invested in a system for transport that uses a moderately sized truck, one driver, and a sophisticated built-in hydraulic system that allows pickup and delivery on a much larger number of surface types, including some inclines. Because of the difference in size and maneuverability, Mobile Stash reduces costs in gas/diesel, personnel, equipment, and carbon footprint. This means they can offer container moving services at a much lower cost.

The great part is that their sister company, Storage Oregon can store those containers for you, and rent them out. You never have to worry about a place to keep them in between jobs, or in the off season.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to mobilestash.com today and find out how your company can save with Mobile Stash, and Storage Oregon.