Mobile Stash – We Have You Ground Mobile Storage Covered, On the Move, Right at Home, or at the Job-site

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would love a storage unit if I didn’t have to drive across town to get into it!” Maybe it would be nice to have a unit at your place of work, or what the heck, maybe even in the backyard!!!

Well the great news is – now you can! Mobile Stash is a new company coming to Salem, Oregon. They specialize in mobile storage options such as the following:

  1. Onsite mobile storage units for businesses – Mobile stash will be providing low cost affordable onsite business storage just about anywhere in the local Salem market. They can provide the storage unit for rent, or even sell you one, and deliver it right to your business, or even construction site! Then they can move it to the next site with the same low cost pricing options as new customers!
  2. Moving units even if they aren’t bought from them – Maybe you bought some containers awhile back that are compatible with their moving system (many if not most are) and you want a lower cost transport option than the 2-man semi driver/forklift operator team that you have been paying far more for lately? Mobile Stash has you covered!! THEY will move your containers, or even store them onsite at their sister company – Storage Oregon – if you need to between jobs.
  3. Storage at their location – Whether you buy containers from them or not, you can store them at their facility. Some equipment is in use on every job, maybe some is only occasionally used and you need a place to keep it safely stored, in a gated facility with HD video surveillance? Mobile stash has you covered there too – Seamlessly transition between onsite and offsite storage.

Did we mention that Mobile Stash is environmentally conscious? That’s right! They only sell or rent refurbished/recycled shipping containers to minimize their carbon footprint. They also have one of the most energy and cost efficient transport systems available.

Using advanced hydraulics and remote control loading/unloading procedures, their 1 man team can place your unit on terrain and slopes simply not imaginable for a standard semi & forklift based delivery system. It does this with half the crew, less time, and with the correct size of engine needed for this purpose, not an oversized engine that drives up gas costs that ultimately end up getting passed along to you!

So next time you need some storage, local or otherwise, hit up our friends over at, or give them a call at 971-338-4444 and find out how they can help you save money, and the environment!