About Us.

Randy Durig our founder.

When launching repurposed shipping containers at Storage Oregon (our parent company) as mini storage units,  Mr Durig became a huge fan! Being a concerned Oregonian, who had wondered, about current problems associated with the dumping of Chinese metal shipping containers, particularly in the West Coast and Oregon.  With the Chinese economy booming, they have become a massive exporter of products to the United States including to the Pacific Northwest’s Willamette River and Seattle Ocean ports. In many cases these transport containers are shipped one way, because china ships more here than we do in return.  Knowing China was choosing the West Coast first,  because it is much closer, thus reducing their shipping costs, this has flooded our country, the West Coast and Oregon in particular, with affordable, and often only slightly used, metal shipping containers, as its more expensive to ship them back than to build new ones.

Our founders 3 rules after working with his customers at Storage Oregon

The crux to solving this environmental waste problem was the need to increase the re purposing demand, knowing the metal shipping containers provided so many incredible options, with a small energy footprint required to re-purpose them, they are possibly the most environmentally friendly of all recycled products.  Allowing an efficient and affordable movement of the shipping containers once they are on the ground, for example how they are used in mini storage, was badly needed.  We worked (mostly in our heads for years) to solve this Gordian knot and found a firm that had already solved this problem,  and with their support and us buying their Portland and Salem rights, we launched Mobile Stash.

The whole system is built into one simple truck. Our new system is  much more efficient than previously encountered systems,  needing only one vehicle to pick up and deliver, ground to ground, based shipping containers.  And since this was smaller, more efficient, and by far a much simpler, single  truck system, we realized over time we could offer this service at a much lower cost and of course the smaller truck was far superior for our environment, especially when you consider with our competitors it often takes two over powered vehicles, a forklift and a heavy truck to do the same job.  Soon we will be offering lower cost solutions, 100% recycled storage, parked in the location of your choosing. This is the next Generation ov moving technology!

So we will soon be launching MobileStash.com

We know we are making a better solution and our success is for only one reason, our customers, you.  Our goals and motives for our success is making it a better, more affordable place for you and ours and your children.

Since you made our success possible it is and will be our duty to serve you.

We above all simply want to thank you.

Please tell us what next would be important for you, because without you, our success would never be attained. Again thank you.