Mobile Stash – We Move Shipping Containers

Whenever you have a trade agreement with another country there are alway trade-offs. Some are good, and some are bad, and some could go either way depending on what you do with them. Being on the west coast and not far from an international port, a Lot of the merchandise that comes into the United States is brought right into Portland, packed in heavy duty steel shipping containers.

Because of the high cost of shipping these containers, it has become more economically feasible to sell them off, instead of shipping them back, and this has created an interesting dilemma here in the northwest, what the heck do we do with all of these containers. Continue reading “Mobile Stash – We Move Shipping Containers”

Next Generation Recycling Shipping Containers: Homes

Here are a few examples of why recycled  shipping container make a truly  environmentally friendly home:

  • Shipping container are a highly recyclable product.  Knowing that we live in a disposable society, the ability to have most of your house made from recycled material is a phenomenal option. Recycled solutions significantly reduce the need for construction materials, reducing the homeowners’ ecological and carbon footprint.
    Recycling Shipping Containers homes can often be a much more environmentally superior solution.

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