Professional Placed vs. Dumped

Do you want your delivery of shipping containers placed on the ground accurately in a controlled setting exactly where you want it,  or dumped willy nilly?  At Mobile stash we have the capabilities not only to place it gently where you want it,  even in tight confines, most of our competitors just dump it and hopefully it hits the spot you want, and worry about any damages later.

You can watch the two videos at the same time, it is fascinating to watch side by side.   You will find yourself asking the question – do you want the fast accurate low cost professional placed solution, or what we here affectionately call a TIMBER ! moment.

Here our Mobile Stash staff professionally places your container. Notice Mobile Stash is on hilly unkempt ground, which the hill alone often disqualifies the high risk, droped off solution.


Here is a competitors dropped off solution. As you can see, there are more issues, it takes more time, and must be on even flat ground. (You cannot use this method to drop on a hillside, it won’t slide off properly)



In these two videos Mobile Stash, just after delivery, now can now pick up another shipping container.  Where it’s competitors ( TIMBER ! moments)  drops off, to pick up another shipping container would need a fork lift or crane to load it up again.  In this case they would need to go back to his base, as this is a drop off only solution, and a risky one at that.  That is another reason why we can charge less.

“With today’s liability, I will never hire a company that deliverers on our property, any TIMBER ! moments.  It is just inherently Involves to much risk for me and the companies that I manage.   Not to mention each drop could, and in time will do serious damage to the container, if not more, and it’s the if not more that would make me worry…”   C. M. Etzel