Shipping Containers Ground Delivery

We at mobile stash provide superior low cost professionally placed delivery and pickup of shipping containers.  (ground to ground)  Its easy and simple. We have a superior easy to manage system.  It’s the next generation of ground to ground delivery systems, and to top it off, it is much more earth friendly, and less costly to purchase and maintain.

Earth friendly –  Competitors often have to use a massive truck with a fork lift, for their transportation method.  We use a single truck with simple rear wheel drones.  The competitors use a massive investment and that turns into mostly a waste of energy.  We use more of a minimalist approach that could do the work in less space, less time, and with less equipment, and for you less out of pocket expense.

Less expensive – We can provide both retail and wholesale service, since our systems cost less to purchase and maintain, plus the better gas mileage is a great way to reduce costs, so we can pass the savings on to you.

Delivery – Since we are close to the middle of the state of Oregon we are in a prime location to service the majority of the State with our professionally placed  solutions.

Check out our systems in action